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Coal Power

Coal Power is a database of the world's coal-fired power stations, their units and the names and addresses of utilities and suppliers. It contains information on operating power plants as well as those mothballed (in cold reserve), under construction and planned. Details on SO2, NOx and particulate control systems and their installation on coal-fired power plants are included. Coal Power holds information on more than 2,300 coal-fired power plants, 7,000 individual units and 1,300 addresses throughout the world. 

Coal Power is no longer updated (from May 2012) and will be removed from our website in April 2013. Free access is available to members and previous subscribers. Contact our sales department for access to Coal Power  

To access Coal Power, if you are a subscriber, click on the button to the right. Coal Power is no longer open to new subscribers.

Export or download of data from the Coal Power database is not permitted.

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