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 Currently, the IEA Clean Coal Centre has 21 members, made up of member countries and sponsoring organisations.

The member countries are: Australia*, Austria, Canada, the European Commission, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Republic of South Korea, South Africa, UK and the USA.

The sponsors are: Anglo American, Banpu, BHEL, Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry (BRICC), Coal Association NZ, Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute (EPPEI) of China, Glencore Xstrata and Suek.
* Australian membership comprises the government and the Australian Coal Industry Consortium.


Residents of member countries and employees of sponsoring organisations can download IEA CCC reports at no charge.

The IEA Clean Coal Centre has two categories of membership :

  • Contracting Parties, which can be governments or entities nominated by them. They can also be international organisations in which governments participate.
  • Sponsors, which are usually, but not always, from the private sector and have not been designated by a government. Sponsors have to be approved by the IEA and cannot vote on the accession or rejection of new members.

Executive committee 

Members of  the IEA Clean Coal Centre contribute annually to a common fund to finance the activities of the programme. There is a set subscription rate for new sponsors. An Executive Committee (ExCo) of representatives nominated by the contracting parties and sponsors acts as the ‘board of directors'. The ExCo meet twice each year. Both sponsors and contracting parties have a single vote at ExCo meetings, which means that they have an equal influence over the work programme and policies. Dr Adolf Aumüller of Austria is the current Chair of the Executive Committee and Prof Jurgen-Freidrich Hake of Germany and Barry MacColl of South Africa are the Vice Chairs.

 Membership Profile

Members of the IEA Clean Coal Centre represent a wide range of interests. Most, but not all, of the member countries are members of the OECD. The majority of the sponsor  organisations are from non-OECD countries. The sponsors include utilities, coal companies, equipment and services suppliers and research organisations. 

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